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I’ve always been drawn to taking photographs of people. There are so many ways to capture a person or persons. The love between family. A mother and her children. Passion between two people in love. True happiness we don’t always get to see or feel. These are the moments I adore having in front of my lens.

I grew up seeing the world in frames. It was never a choice I had, it’s just the way I saw everything and when I learned that I could put these frames on paper I knew this was my calling. I received my first film camera when I graduated high school. It was a Pentax SLR. Not much to it but this camera paved the way for my career as a photographer. From then on I would take pictures of as many people as I could, teaching myself various techniques, eventually coming into my own and creating an aesthetic that I loved. Romantic, light and airy. Although I shoot less film today, I enjoy creating a fine art film feel with my digital camera.

Needless to say, I hope I get to meet you and capture all of the pieces of your life that you hold nearest to your heart. xo