In life we are constantly striving to achieve our own kind of happiness. To me, nothing else is as important as that pursuit. I was fortunate enough to discover my passion for photography at a young age. Since then, it has taken me on a beautiful journey on which I have had the unforgettable privilege of encountering and telling the stories of hundreds of fascinating lives put on my path, upon my canvas, in front of my lens. My eyes behind that lens are my happiness, my home, as I aim to capture beautiful fleeting moments in a fine art candid style. 

      I always say that being an artist is gift and a curse; we are blessed with the energy of unstoppable ideas that are honest and unique to our own integrity; at the same time we are burdened with the endless search for our next creative endeavor, our vision, our opportunity to express how we see the world as the dynamic inspiration that breathes life into those very ideas. As such, the mind and muse of an artist never stops. I am not only ok with that. I am thankful for it.